Understanding fear and pain.

    “What Rick did for me was mezmerizing.  I was a social worker for elder abuse and had taken home all of their anxiety and pain for many years. He showed me how to release all the pain of the the past that I was still carrying around with me. I got more out of a 2-hour session with Rick, than over 40 years of therapy!”

    Denise R.

Understanding death.

“ Rick has a unique way of connecting the spirit world with the human world.  I was very confused about the anxiety and fears I was having after the recent death of my sister and then my mother. He gave me a greater understanding of a dynamic connection that only I could know, relate to and understand. He is now helping me learn how to hold onto an awareness of them in the present and still be able to keep them close in my heart and my mind.”

    Constance B.

How to talk to ghosts.

    “Rick has an amazing intuitive and insightful connection with the spirit world around us.  He has the ability to communicate and redirect spirits that are lost and explains what happens when we come in contact with them. I can see how his understanding of this world could benefit others by offering clarity and peace from these sometimes disturbing and disruptive energies.”

    Denise L.

What is the difference between a ghost and a spirit?

    “I moved into a new apartment and was not able to sleep. I felt something heavy in my space and whatever this was, it wanted a lot of attention, to the point of shaking my bed in the middle of the night. Rick explained the difference between a ghost and a spirit as a ghost is just a spirit that somehow got stuck. He was very in tune with this spirit and reconnected him with a family member on the other side. I am finally able to have a relaxed, full night of much-needed sleep.”

    John M

No exorcisms allowed.

“I was not the only person who felt something strange every time I entered my apartment. I had just ended a long relationship and wanted Rick to clear out the old energy and do an exorcism on my place. Rick does not want to just “get rid of entities”. That only makes them angry and then they get mad at him. He explained he could have a conversation with whatever was there and see how he can help. He not only regenerated my space by clearing the energy out, but was able to re-connect me with my grandmother; not an evil entity at all. I am very grateful and comforted to know she is still around and impressed with what Rick was able to do.”

Ken K

No more pain.

    “Working with Rick is a magical experience!  I hired him for a client who had unusual electrical and plumbing failures constantly in his home. My client also was suffering from severe back pain after multiple surgeries.  The upsets were happening for the past 10 years that he and his partner had lived in the house. I could feel there was an interfering, denser energy but did not know what was happening or why. After an hour with Rick, I could feel the shift in the house and its energy. Immediately following the redirection of the spirit, my client could feel his shoulders and legs release.  Each day after the work with Rick, my client sent me texts with more and more healing and energy shifting!!  It was truly a profound healing experience for my client and the spirits involved.

I would strongly recommend Rick for anyone with unexplained occurrences, injuries, or illnesses.”

Kristen Bomas 

Speaker/Author/Seminar Leader

Spirit Connection.

“For several months I had dark thoughts, depression, and a constant nagging that I just wasn't myself. I tried botanica's, home cleansings, positive affirmations, and read about every book on ghosts and possessions I could get my hands on, but there was no one I could talk to until I was referred to Rick. Upon our first conversation, he immediately sensed a presence around me, confirming my suspicions. Rick has first hand experience with spirit attachments and reminded me that spirits of the dead can affect the living, but not to be feared, as they're in as much pain as those they inflict it upon. He was not only concerned about my well being, but knew that love and empathy for the lost spirit was essential as it needed attention and reunion with a loved one to move on, which he helped it do. After only one phone session, I felt more at peace, balanced, and grounded with a new outlook on life with a purpose. Thank you Rick for reinforcing the belief that life is more than meets the eye, life is about the journey of our souls.”

 Tim P.

 Paranormal Investigator