My Haunted Reality


Do you ever get a feeling inside telling you that you are not alone and that there is something more to life as we see it? There are spirits around us all the time leaving us messages if only we would just slow down enough to notice them.

    Why are they here?

    What are they trying to tell us?

    What is the difference between a ghost and a spirit?

    Do they have any influence on us?

I have answers to these and so many more questions from a lifetime of experiences, encounters and lessons I have learned. I began to study why they were here and what effect they were having on us. Sometimes these spirits get lost or stuck and are not able to find their way out. Through my exploration I discovered an ability to direct and reconnect them to where they are supposed to be. These energies actually do have substantial meaning and can have a strong affect on our lives.

Our fear of ghosts has been instilled in us because of what we see at the movies and what Hollywood has put into our heads. My stories slowly revealed to me a reality that I had rejected at first and did not understand. It was like spirits were testing me to see how I would respond. From my initial total fear, to a Near Death Experience (NDE), to ultimately understanding their messages, I have learned so much about why they are here. The more they allowed me to see, the more the fear dissipated and the more I began to accept and understand. I have grown to love and appreciate my ghosts and I would not be alive right now without them!

Having the proper information and knowledge helps us to develop our understanding and sensitivity to the spirits around us. Learning as much as we can about our existence here and being able to answer some of the rudimentary questions of life is a great way to increase our awareness. It is wonderful to see the door of possibility and acceptance opening up more and more as we continue to explore what I like to call "My Haunted Reality".


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